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January 15 2014

The foods men eat may have a pronounced effect on the health of their penis. Foods containing vitamins and minerals specific to penis health support sexual function, nerve transmission and testosterone levels when consumed regularly. While it is possible to support penis health through eating specific superfoods, it can be hard to achieve every single day. Men should eat a balanced diet, use recommended nutritional supplements, and explore penis health crmes as ways of increasing vitamins and minerals for reproductive health.

Ginger: Ginger is a warming and invigorating plant that increases circulation to the extremities and the pelvic region, supporting healthy penile erections by improving blood flow. The root of the ginger plant is a rich source of essential oils, flavonoids and other plant chemicals, which open up blood vessels once ingested and also reduce platelet aggregation. In a study published in Food and Chemical Toxicology in 2010, researchers fed mice ginger root for 65 days. By the end of the study, the mice had increased testosterone levels, increased sperm count and motility, and increased sexual organ weight. Take ginger root as a superfood tea, purchase it as a herbal extract, or consume fresh root each day with your meals. If you are on heart or blood thinning medications, check with your doctor or pharmacist before using ginger products.

Nuts: Eat nuts for your nuts, and for your penis health. Nuts such as almonds, cashews, peanuts, brazil nuts and pecans contain dense amounts of nutrients essential for male sexual health. Magnesium for nervous system health, selenium for prostate health, protein for energy, chromium for lasting blood sugar levels, and essential fatty acids for nerve transmission. While nuts contain a variety of essential fatty acids, the most common fatty acid found in nuts is oleic acid. Nerves throughout the body, including in nerves in the penis, require oleic acid to form a protective coating around the nerve fiber. Without this protective sheath, known as myelin, nerve messages become confused and fail to transmit appropriately. Consume a small handful of mixed nuts each day to promote nerve health in your penis and boost energy levels.

Mushrooms: Mushrooms have been used for vitality, longevity and sexual health for thousands of years. While white button mushrooms are the most commonly consumed edible mushroom, the world is filled with hundreds of species of edible and medicinal mushrooms, some of which may be useful for penis health. A superfood and medicinal mushroom from the Himalayas, Cordyceps sinensis, has been extensively researched for its many health promoting properties, including sexual enhancement. Cordyceps has a positive effect on nitric oxide (NO) in the penis, acting in a similar way to the drug Viagra (from: http://mensreport.it/xtrasize.html). It also increases testosterone levels and according to a study in 2009, Cordyceps has a beneficial effect on both sexual performance and fertility of animals. Find dried cordyceps from an Asian grocer or take Cordyceps in the form of a dried extract.

Fruits: Eating fruit may not sound very masculine, but most fruits are packed full of vitamins that will support robust sexual health. Oranges, nectarines, apples, red peppers, berries, rosehips, mangoes and kiwifruit are excellent sources of vitamin C and bioflavonoids for healthy circulation to the penis, effective connective tissue repair for the penis and foreskin, increased testosterone production, and antioxidant protection for the prostate. Tomatoes are also a source of vitamin A and lycopene for male reproductive health, and raisins contain magnesium which is essential for nervous system health. Watermelons, oranges and avocados contain the amino acid arginine, which supports erectile health and sexual performance. Eat a wide variety of fruits each day to benefit from their nutritional support.

Enhancing Penis Health with Nutrition

Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are important for penis health and male virility. While there are many superfoods and herbal remedies out there which support the health of the male reproductive system, the best method to support penis health is always to eat a balanced and diverse diet. If you are on any medications or have health concerns, check with your pharmacist or other health professional for advice.

For increased nutritional support many men consider taking multivitamins and minerals. These Supplements are broken down and absorbed in the digestive tract to varying degrees in different individuals, but you can use a penis health formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) containing vitamin C, vitamin A, arginine and natural oils. Penis health formulas carry nutrients directly into the local blood stream, enhancing sexual function, connective tissue health and testosterone production quickly.
It is believed that anxiety, excessive or insufficient arousal or muscular tension are factors to early ejaculation. As such, you need to address each of them if you want to prevent premature ejaculation. You may start off with some of the premature ejaculation remedy below which does not require you using your penis.

First - manage your level of anxiety

You need to learn to calm yourself down and stop worrying about your bed performance. Quite normally, men with lesser sexual activity tend to easily get excited and aroused causing performance anxiety during sex. This performance anxiety would lead to an early ejaculation.

There are various ways to reduce anxiety. Among others, you can meditate, undergo hypnosis and imagination exercise to help reducing your level of anxiety. Repeated imagination of positive sexual scenarios and your reaction during sex can help to keep your anxiety level under control (check out: http://mensreport.it). It would also enable you to anticipate or mentally plan for your reaction during sex and not to reach the point of no return too easily.

Sharing and speaking out your premature ejaculation problem and anxiety is also a good premature ejaculation remedy. Yes, this is a delicate issue and most men would prefer to just keep it to themselves. But that would not help in curing your problem. Instead, talking with your partner/spouse, friend or therapist opens the door for anxiety relief and can help address and alleviate some of your fears in relation to early ejaculation.

Second - manage your muscles tension

Orgasm is muscular contractions that release muscular tension. So, to address early ejaculation, it is highly recommendable for you to work on your muscle tension levels. You can decrease the tension in your pelvic and abdominal regions outside the bedroom by participating in activities like yoga, stretching, anxiety reduction skills, and exercise. With lower tension level in your pelvic, the chances of you reaching orgasm during sex would be lowered.

Another premature ejaculation remedy which you can try out is by asking your partner to give you a full body massage before or when you are not having sex. This is for you to experience the performance anxiety and tension that you feel as she touches different part of your body - your face, your stomach, your thighs, your buttocks etc. This is not so much on sexual stimulation but rather it is about managing the discomfort you may feel about your body being touched and exposed. Men who are confident with their body and comfortable with being touched would usually have lower sexual anxiety and early ejaculation problem.

Another very important and popular technique to prevent premature ejaculation is by carrying out Kegel exercises. If you have not tried them, stop waiting. They are simple to do and can give everlasting effect. This is one of the best methods to strengthen your pelvic region and to create strong pubococcygeus muscles. Every success requires commitment and sacrifices. If you expect greatness in sex, then set aside some time every day to practice this premature ejaculation remedy until you get it right.

The above are some premature ejaculation remedy without needing to use your penis or spending a fortune. What they need are mere persistence and perseverance to enjoy the result.
Bacterial Infection

The surface of the skin is covered with microscopic organisms that are generally harmless and even sometimes beneficial. However, some of these bacteria may cause problems when they are allowed to penetrate the outer dermal layer to the tissue below (check out: http://mensreport.it/xtrasize.html). Rough sex, masturbation, latex condoms, and even clothing can irritate the skin and cause tiny cracks to develop, allowing bacteria to penetrate the deeper layers and cause infection.


Signs of a bacterial infection include redness, mild swelling, rash, and discomfort.


While infections that are well-established may require prescription medication, the best way to treat this problem is to avoid it in the first place; keeping the area clean and using a daily moisturizer can prevent bacterial infections and leave the surface of the penis smooth and supple.

Male Yeast Infection

Like female yeast infection, the male version is caused by the Candida fungus, which is commonly present on the skin. While this organism is dormant under normal conditions, certain imbalances in the body can cause the fungus to flourish, leading to some uncomfortable symptoms. Yeast infection can be passed back and forth between sexual partners, so it is important that if one member of a couple develops symptoms, both are treated.


In men, signs of yeast infection include redness (especially at the tip of the penis), itching, flaking of the skin, and burning during urination.


When treated right away, yeast infection usually disappears quickly, in a matter of a few days. Men as well as women can use topical over-the-counter yeast infection remedies for treating this uncomfortable condition.


This penis condition is diagnosed when the foreskin tightens so that it cannot retract over the glans (head) of the penis. While this problem is common in infants, it can also occur in adults.


The most obvious symptom of phimosis is the inability of the foreskin to retract, which can lead to discomfort or pain during masturbation or sex. In some cases, the foreskin may actually become stuck behind the glans if it does manage to retract.


While many men opt for circumcision to treat this problem, others choose to pursue less-invasive treatment before resorting to surgery. Stretching the skin carefully and using a penis-specific moisturizer may help to loosen the foreskin and help it to retract easily.

Dry, Irritated Skin

Most men experience dry and irritated skin from time to time, whether as a result of an infection or simply rough handling. As noted above in the section on bacterial infections, aggressive sex, masturbation, and skin sensitivities can all lead to drying and discomfort. Psoriasis, which causes itching, redness and flaking, can also contribute to penis irritation.


Signs of irritated skin include a dry, wrinkled appearance, redness, and flaking.


Treating dry and irritated penis skin can be as easy as maintaining good hygiene, wearing clean, cotton underwear, and using a moisturizer on a regular basis.

Keeping Your Penis Healthy

The best way to prevent penis problems is to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced diet, limiting alcohol consumption, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding the use of tobacco products; it is also important to choose sexual partners with care. In addition, it is suggested that a penis health crme, (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) containing penis-specific vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients be used daily to moisturize the skin and protect the penis from bacterial or fungal infections and environmental contaminants that may lead to more serious penis health issues.
Now before we can go deeper into examining the pros and cons of synthetic male enhancement pills, it would perhaps be a good idea to have a brief overview on what these said male enhancement pills are all about, for the benefit of those who may be coming across them for the very first time. This is where it turns out that these are pills that are taken by people seeking male enhancement, as manifest through things like penile size. Thus, a man feeling that he is not 'well hung' can decide to enlist the help of these pills to help him attain the endowment he yearns for. Similarly, a man feeling that he is reasonably 'well hung' but looking to make it spectacular can also decide to enlist the help of these pills xtra size.

With such background information, we can turn back to the synthetic male enhancement pills that are area of focus here, and try to understand what the pros and cons attached to them are. What is worth noting though, is the fact that you are not likely to find any male enhancement pills brand labeled as being 'synthetic' as this is simply not an attractive label from a marketing point of view. To know whether a given package of pills is synthetic or not, you have to look at the table of ingredients as the makers certainly won't go about heralding the fact that their product is 'synthetic. '

Ultimately, though, the synthetic male enhancement pills come with a number of advantages. One is that they tend to be very fast in their working. They typically yield faster results than those extracted from plants. And this is a good thing because many of us are not only looking for male enhancement, but also looking to get it fast. Secondly, they tend to be highly efficient in their working. Thirdly, they tend to be highly effective in their working - so that while the natural formulations may work for some people and not work for others, the case with synthetic male enhancement pills tends to be such that they work for pretty much everybody.

The downside with the synthetic male enhancement pills, though, tends to be with regard to their safety profile, where they are thought of as not being as safe as the 'natural' formulations. The truthfulness of this generalization is dubious, of course, but the fact that people entertain it makes it hard for the vendors of the synthetic male enhancement pills to label them as such. It is a fact, though, that in many situations, one has to give away something (in terms of safety), in order to get the high efficiency associated with all synthetic formulations.
Much evidence point out, like from uncovered relics, artifacts and mummies, some forms of dental surgery or dental prosthetics xtra size. From the ancient Egyptians to the Greco-Romans to early Chinese civilizations, dentists have existed to aid the people with their teeth problems.

Dentists have always been associated with pain. No trip to the dentist has ever been a welcome journey. Many people, mostly children, see the voyage to a dentist appointment as a form of torture. The mere sound of the dentist's drill sends shivers up everybody's spine and causes a form of an anxiety attack (for some though).

Even with the development of many scientific technologies in dental practice, such as better pain relievers, anesthetics, modern equipment and painless procedures. In any case, dentists have had a bad reputation which is probably uncalled for.

Learning and knowing more about dentists would make them look less menacing and more interesting. Dentists are here to help us, because having good, strong and healthy teeth not only makes us look better but also spares us from the agony of having to endure the unbearable pain of having cavities.

Here are 10 things you didn't know about dentists. Some facts show the polls done on their perception and satisfaction of their dentists while some are fun facts that may help you see a different side of dentists.

While dentists have been uncommonly regarded as fear factors here are some facts that prove otherwise:

According to a poll done in 1997 by the Gallup poll, dentists received high marks in being the most trusted profession in the United States of America placing fifth in the overall ranking.

Dentists also get high grades from another Gallup poll done recently in being the line of work that has high degree in interpersonal skills and delivery of quality care (remember the lollipops? ).

A high 92% of those polled said that they would recommend them to everyone as stated in another Gallup poll.

Another survey shows that 83% of American adults are very satisfied with the services they get from their dentists. This survey was done by Louis Harris and Associates in an effort to study the American peoples attitude towards dentists.

. And, dentists have a big rating, 61%, in the ethics poll for honesty and trustworthiness.

For some fun facts about dentists.

The electric chair was invented by a dentist. Hhhmmmm makes you a wonder a whole lot about the Dentist's Chair don't it?

William F. Semple, a dentist from Mount Vernon, OH. was issued the first patent in 1869 for chewing gum.

In the old days when dentures weren't invented yet, dentists would do a quick surgery in implanting teeth in the mouth of a person. The teeth came from dead people!

Aztec dentists would mix iron fillings, water and navel lint bake and insert it in the cavities to seal it. Not only was relief reported but a development of the sense of direction of a person was felt.

So if you think about it, after reading this and finding out how many generations have already sought people to take care of their teeth problems, dentists might just have the oldest profession in the whole world. What do you think?

Some have turned to devices such as pumps while others have turned to medicines such as pills (more at: http://mensreport.it). The truth is, these medicines and devices have not been proven to work and some of them will even do more damage than good.

The best option for any man trying to make his penis bigger is to use special exercises. These special exercises are completely safe and have been proven to work by medical experts. Below you will find a few tips on the best male enhancement exercises that will allow you to increase your penis size each day and achieve massive results in record time.

3 Tips To Make Penis Bigger

1. Jelqing: Jelqing is a technique which works by increasing the size of your corpora covernosa. The corpora covernosa is responsible for making your penis erect. Jelqing requires that you massage your penis in such a way that it increases the size of your corpora covernosa permanently.

2. Stretching: The stretching exercise technique is made to stretch the ligaments and cells within your penis gradually over time. When these specific ligaments and cells are stretched out they will make your penis larger and longer.

3. Kegals: Kegals are made especially to prevent premature ejaculation but this technique can also help improve your penis size. There are certain muscles in your pubic area which you have to flex in order to perform the Kegals exercise technique properly. You should aim to do this exercise 10 minutes each day for the best results.

You can easily have the penis you desire using these natural techniques. Don't settle for penis enlargement products that have more side effects than results.
Okay, when we talk about the normal size of a penis, just what exactly are we talking about? Normal penis size when erect? When flaccid? When we are a teenager? or even the normal penis size of an old man?

The truth is that no matter what meaning of normal penis size we refer to, someone somewhere has carried out research on the subject and surprisingly enough there are some fascinating facts to learn. For the purpose of discovering true fact against fiction let's concentrate on what 2 real life doctors have discovered about the size of the penis and shrinkage (link: http://mensreport.it/xtrasize.html).

Normal Penis Size - 7 Basic Facts

7 basic facts that will help you break some widely held misconceptions on normal penis size;

Normal Penis Size is;

Normally complete by the age of 16 to 17
Is 3.4 to 3.7 inches when flaccid
Is 5.1 to 5.7 inches when erect
Is 3.5 to 3.9 inches girth when erect
Reduces with age
Is not any smaller on fat men, it's just an illusion
does not differ greatly between races

The Size Of The Penis Decreases With Age - Dr Goldstein, MD

Sad but true! This unfortunate fact is proved by Dr Irwin Goldstein, who is the director of sexual medicine at Alvarado Hospital based in San Diego who states that if the normal penis of a healthy 30-year-old male measures out at 6 inches erect, by the time that same man has reached his 60's he will only manage somewhere in the region of 5 inches to 5 and a half inches when erect.

Furthermore, Dr Goldstein also adds salt to the wound when he says that, if that's not bad enough, the size and diameter of the testicles also decreases from the age of around 40 too.

Size And Sexual Performance Changes - Dr Louise Chang, MD

Dr Chang informs us that sexual function and performance, and even appearance alters significantly with age as well. Clinical research shows that even from as early as your late 30's or early 40's not only does your sperm count drop and semen volume fall, but arousal to full erection takes longer, and post orgasm recovery to further erection takes much longer.

If the size of the penis and function are difficult enough to come to terms with, what about appearance? Apparently the pubic hair thins and falls, and the penis head or glans, loses its dark purple colour and becomes a lighter shade due to a weaker blood supply to the penis.

Penis Warning - How To Avoid Shrinkage!

Dr Goldstein believes there are two significant factors in penis shrinkage;

A slow build up of fatty deposits to the smaller arteries which impede blood flow
The gradual increase in non-flexible scar tissue or collagen build up in the erection chambers.

These two factors are not entirely age-related and warning signs may appear at a relatively early age, not always in later life. So, to maintain normal penis size it is vital to have a healthy penis, and that could involve a change of diet and lifestyle, such as cutting out fatty foods and quitting smoking.

Or you could opt for one of the recommended, medically approved penis enlargement techniques that are known to be highly effective not only in maintaining the size of the penis but also by increasing it too.

Normal Penis Size - Great News From The Medics At Last

The size of the penis can really be a great concern to many men who have feelings of inadequacy regarding size and function; for these men a healthy penis size is very important.

The good news though is that medical research now reveals that positive treatment is available to deal with penis size, penis shrinkage and actual performance. After conducting extensive studies doctors have concluded that although there are many ineffective penis enlargement products on sale, one particular penis enlargement treatment method definitely does work well.

And what is that method? According to experts, the only method they recommend to maintain a normal penis size is a penis extender. When used for a stated period of time, not only will an extender maintain normal penis size but can even provide an increase in size thereby giving the ultimate, ideal penis size.
There are a number of penis enlargement pills being offered on the market today, and most of them are completely herbal with no doctor's prescription needed to get them. You don't need to stand in line at any drug store and face the possible embarrassment of dealing with a pharmacy technician filling your prescription. In fact, it's standard practice to order your pills through a web site dedicated to giving their customers complete privacy; letting you order from the convenience of your home and have your pills shipped directly to your door in a plain, unassuming package with no one around being the wiser.

Protect Yourself From Scams

One of the biggest problems facing someone looking to order penis enlargement pills is the numerous scam sites that wait for the insecure to stumble across them. So far that best way to avoid falling prey to a scam site is to do your research. Check to see if the site offering their penis enlargement pill is secure, and see what information they offer about their pills (link: http://mensreport.it/xtrasize.html).

Does the site offer a guarantee at all, or will you be stuck with what you buy whether the pills work or not? Check to see if the site has any indication of how long they've been around. When in doubt, shop around. It never hurts to check more than one place when looking to buy something, especially when what you're looking to buy affects an important area of your life. Find the wrong product and you're liable to disappoint not only yourself but your lover as well, so be sure to get all the information you can about the penis enlargement pill that you're interested in buying.

How Does These Work?

As mentioned earlier, most penis enlargement pills available on the market are almost completely herbal, relying on natural remedies for a safer and more effective enhancement. There are a number of herbs out there that are used in natural medicine and any successful, honest site selling enlargement pills will list off the ingredients used in their penile development pills.

Some of the more common herbs found in a penis enlargement pill are maca, muira puama, tribulus, and ginseng. Used separately these herbs have beneficial effects outside of sexual enhancement, but combined they work together to focus primarily on enhancing the sex drive and promoting the growth and expansion of the blood vessels in the penis. Over time this effect becomes permanent, so most pill companies will tell you that after you achieve the length and girth you desire, up to a maximum amount of growth, you can stop taking their penis enlargement pill and retain your new size permanently.
Here is Carol Foster, a diet specialist, health advisor, medical researcher and an ex-victim herself; who struggled together with her ovarian cysts and PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome for fourteen long years after she was diagnosed with the condition at age 31, attempting every existing remedy in the mainstream medical science till she was prompted to go for surgical procedure by her doctor xtra size. There's quite a handful of these types of apps including - Sociable, Quick - Ping, Sue, Socialize, and Update. Multivitamin are one of few supplements whose benefits are quite apparent. Select from the actual a lot of different colors and styles provided through the intelligent weaver these days. Since dysfunction occurs when people behave as though 'the ends justify the means', as you grow and change, put equal emphasis on both means and ends.

Certain drugs produce toxins when broken down by hepatocytes. The stylistic interior choices developed by Ferrari Centro Stile reflect a functional, ergonomic cockpit design. There won't be any major changes in food that contains amino acids, fatty acids, or vitamin content. ' Self-control training may be a beneficial addition to obesity and behavioral health interventions, and may lead to greater success in weight loss. These mints come in mass volume and are used to distribute in the hotel and restaurant industry a method to create warmth and hospitality.

Keep your grill clean with our grill scraper and brush combo. One of the fine examples of superior material available within the company. The genocide of Hitler and Stalin, on such a mass scale, would have been impossible prior to the Industrial Age. mins and minerals but also appropriate levels of flavonoids, isoflavones, lycopene, lutein and glucosamine, at the very least. This type of material is ideal for manufacturing a variety of textures.

What I love about Beyond Organic is that you can participate in the way that supports you and your loved ones the best:. A distinct advantage of obtaining a distance MBA degree is that one can correlate subject knowledge with management issues at the workplace as and when they learn about them. I'm 100 percent sure that I am no where near that ratio. Additionally, it will keep the hen houses drier which will help it stay cleaner. Scientists and other lab workers have been performing several tests to guarantee the safety of this new technology.

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January 12 2014

But sometimes a little knowledge can be dangerous. What do I mean? I mean that knowing what motivates employees is only half the battle. The real test is our ability to create a culture that fosters high morale and motivation. Too often we fall into the trap of incorporating the latest and greatest motivational programs in hopes of creating improved performance. These short-term remedies can often serve as band-aids to problems that require much greater attention. As a result, improvements in morale and motivation tend to occur sporadically within an organization instead of in a collective, synergistic way.

The solution is an integrated approach. What is needed is an organizational-wide, integrated approach to creating a culture of high morale and motivation. What is needed is a top-down management philosophy and corresponding strategies that integrates management practices with efforts to enhance employee motivation. What is needed is greater consistency throughout the organization in communicating to employees about performance standards, expectations, feedback and professional growth opportunities, to name a few.

Why is integration so important? Without an integrated approach to creating a motivated workforce, inconsistencies will surface throughout the organization and quickly sabotage any positive momentum that occurs. For example, a high performing supervisor will quickly lose her motivation if she keeps getting her decisions overturned by her respective manager. A great benefits program will do little to motivate employees if the tension in the office is so thick that you could cut it with a knife. An awards luncheon will send mixed messages if employees are expected to pay for their own lunches. A supervisor who preaches value-added customer service and then yells at his employees will quickly lose respect as well as the value-added customer service that he so desires. In each of these examples, there are contradictory messages that ultimately will serve as de-motivators and most likely lead to employee apathy.

In an integrated organization, management practices are in much greater alignment with efforts to improve morale and motivation. Managers and employees alike have clarity on their roles and responsibilities and communication from the top-down is both frequent and fluent. Motivational programs support efforts towards greater morale and productivity but are not seen as an end in itself. And most importantly, all employees, from the CEO down to the frontline worker, understand their role in making the organization successful (from: http://mensreport.it).


Below are 20 assessment questions for you and your organization to address as honestly as possible. Each question either directly or indirectly impacts employee morale and motivation. The more questions that you can respond with a definitive YES, the more integration there is in your organization.

1. Do you have an organizational-wide philosophy and corresponding strategies that addresses employee motivation?

2. Have you ever conducted a comprehensive assessment of current organizational practices, programs and management techniques that impact employee motivation to determine their effectiveness?

3. Do you specifically attempt to hire employees who have a proven record of self-motivation?

4. Do your performance reviews measure the individual characteristics needed to sustain a work environment of high morale and motivation?

5. Is ongoing feedback available on all levels and in all directions throughout the organization?

6. Is there consistency in how managers manage within the organization?

7. Are employee and departmental performance expectations clearly defined and mutually shared to enhance accountability?

8. Do employees have access to the resources they need (both within and outside the organization), to adequately meet the demands of their jobs?

9. Are disciplinary issues handled swiftly and consistently?

10. Do employees have input into their work processes?

11. Does the CEO practice the behaviors that he/she expects to see amongst the workforce?

12. Are employees throughout the organization expected to complete a professional development plan each year? If so, are these shared within the departments?

13. Can employees explain the vision and mission of the organization and relate it to what they do on a daily basis?

14. Is mutual respect displayed between employees? How about between departments?

15. Are technical and soft skills training made available to employees on an ongoing basis?

16. Are personal and professional development opportunities made available to employees within the organization? If opportunities are limited, can an employee pursue an opportunity outside the organization and know that he/she has the support to do so?

17. Are communication processes effective within the organization, especially from the top-down?

18. Are employees rewarded and acknowledged for performing above-and-beyond what is expected of them?

19. Are the benefits within the organization representative of what is important to the employees?

20. Would employees say that your organization was a fun place to work?

Consider the following scale in rating your organization:
16 to 20 YES responses:Very Good
11 to 15 YES responses:Good
6 to 10 YES responses:Poor
1 to 5 YES responses:Yikes!

Each of the questions above represents areas that need to be integrated together in order for your organization to have a consistent message around employee morale and motivation.

Erectile dysfunction usually occurs due to physical or psychological issues. This can be as easy as dealing with stress at work or social life. If work is causing severe stress, then it could be very difficult for your penis to get hard when you need it be hard at the right time. However, age could possibly play a major factor in erectile dysfunction because most men over forty years old would begin to have this problem. Women might get confused when men experience ED because the women might believe that they are not desirable when you cannot get an erection at the right times.

While ED is a problem to begin performing in bed, other men might be experiencing premature ejaculation, which will end the performance rather quickly and embarrassingly. This problem can really disappoint a woman, and if you cannot satisfy your woman, then another man will be able to do that sooner or later (see: http://mensreport.it). PE can be caused by many factors in life, which are very similar to erectile dysfunction. If you are eating a poor diet, not exercising, always stressed in life, etc. then you will most likely experience either problems, and some men would have both ED and PE issues.

Many men have claimed that exercising have dramatically improved their performance in bed. This is a natural and low cost method to become a better lover. A gym membership is just a small, monthly fee, and you can exercise every day if you prefer. Do not fall for penis pumps and other devices that promise results because they are unnatural for your penis. You want the health of your penis to improve naturally without the use of pumps.

Many clinical studies have proven that the combination of exercises and natural herbal male enhancement pills has dramatically improved the performance of men. Most the men who used to have ED or PE claimed that they no longer experience the problems just by exercising and taking herbal supplements. Not only did the male enhancement pills stop them from the major problems, but they also saw significant increase in penis sizes in just weeks.

Why do they see growth in penis sizes? It is because the natural herbal supplements will help increase the blood flow into the penis. The more blood that goes into the penis, then the bigger it will become. Many men combine the male enhancement pills with penis exercises to see faster results of significant increases in length and width of their penis.
Through ages, men have been at penis enlargement and have devised certain methods for achieving increment in penis size. These methods include

Vacuum Pumps
Hanging Weights
Traction Devices
Pills and Supplements

Weights are perhaps very old in terms of their inception. It is largely believed that Ancient Egyptians started this practice. Though it helps in increasing penis ;length, you tend to lose girth and your penis gets really thin. Moreover, it can cause tissue damage which retards blood flow to the penis and hence leads to erectile dysfunction.

Same is the case with vacuum pumps which can cause severe damage to the erectile tissue. men who use pumps report that after some time it becomes difficult to get erections without using the pump.

Surgery , on the other hand is extremely expensive, risky and painful. Besides it was never proven to yield satisfactory and permanent penis enlargement. No man in complete sanity would spend $4000+ only to be left with a scarred penis and a lifetime of regrets.

This leaves only 3 methods that can be used to enhance penis. Penis exercises or Jelqs are a proven to be the method of male enhancement that works. Started by men in Ancient Arab, this method is highly popular among men trying to add size to their penis. It is widely believed that young men in Arab were taught to perform these exercises to add inches to their penises and increasing their staying power in order to please their wives.

This method forms the basis of penis traction devices as well that perform power jelqs on your penis once you put it on by exerting pressure on it through traction. . All you are doing is just replacing your hand with the device.

Moreover, you can use natural penis enhancement pills to increase blood flow to your genitals to get stronger and firmer erections. Combining any 2 or 3 of these resources(exercises, traction devices and pills) can speed up the process of male enhancement with dramatic results (read more: http://mensreport.it/xtrasize.html). One such product is Prosolution Pills System.

The mantra of the day is to get access to one of the best programs and male enhancement method that works rather than suffer in silence. Review the award winning Penis Enhancement System here.
The Basics

You should start by living a healthier lifestyle. If you smoke, quit. If you are sedentary, start exercising 2 to 3 times each week. If you eat a lot of fatty and junk food, start eating more healthy fruits and vegetables. Some of the bad habits you have can lead to vasoconstriction wherein not enough blood is supplied to your penis, thereby giving your penis a flaccid appearance and you, failing to look manly enough. You have to keep your body strong, fit and healthy and start reaping the benefits of a bigger and harder penis xtra size.

Exercising the Penis

Begin performing exercises for the penis, like milking and other stimulation exercises. Providing enough traction to the part will force it to create more cells, thereby leading to expansion and added size and girth. Milking is done by holding the penis with your thumb and forefinger. The two fingers should form an "O". Start pulling the penis back and up. Take two seconds to pull it back and another two seconds to pull it up. You should feel the stretching during the activity. Continue the activity for a good 10 minutes before resting.

Taking Herbs

There are several herbal supplements now that you can take with your daily meals to give your penis a bigger appearance. These herbal supplements are all-natural so you do not have to worry about possible side effects and other complications. Some of the contents of the herbal medications may be green tea, goat weed and other special concoctions. These ingredients will help deliver more blood into the penis, thereby filling the corpus cavernosum. You will then get harder erections and a thicker and longer penis.

Use of Other Tools

You can rely on a number of tools that will provide pressure to your penis, triggering it to grow bigger in size after some time. Some of the best products to increase penis size naturally include weights and the penis vacuum pump. These will produce pressure to stimulate the penis to make more cells, thereby giving you added inches to both length and girth. Tools are also very effective if you want to achieve results for the long term. Search the internet for available products and compare the prices.

You should visit online discussion boards and online forums. Talk to other experts in the area, as well as other individuals who have tried the product themselves. You can gauge the effectiveness and quality of a product by getting feedback. Let previous customers give you both the pros and cons of buying the item you are eyeing on.

January 11 2014

If you have ever heard of Ron Jeremy then odds are you are familiar with the male enhancement pill Bigralis which has been described by many as an all natural, safe and effective alternative to treating erectile dysfunction or impotence without having to buy or use a prescription formula xtrasize.

That's why you will be glad to know that in this article you will discover everything you need to know about Bigralis male enhancement pills so that you can make the best decision in regards to improving your sexual health in ways that have the potential to end any erectile dysfunction or impotence issues that you might have.

Bigralis Male Enhancement Pills Review

Just in case you were wondering Bigralis is manufactured with some of the best vitamins and herbal supplements from Samson Health Laboratories which has proven to be committed to giving you the absolute best in regards to your sexual health.

The ingredients of Bigralis

Horny Goat Weed
Cnidium Monnier Extract
Gamma Aminobutyric Acid
Fenugreek Seed Extract

In brief the Bigralis blends these powerful ingredients together in order to help you have the best and hardest erections you have ever had, again and again.

You will also be glad to know about these benefits of Bigralis. ..

Works within minutes
Gives you firmer, stronger, and fuller feeling erections

It is recommended that you take Bigralis on an as needed basis at least 30 minutes before engaging in any types of sexual activities.

Odds are, the more you keep reading this document the more you feel as if you need a sexual supplement that you can take on a daily basis to improve your sexual health in ways that can give you harder and more fuller feeling erections. That's why you will want to begin using one of the best male enhancement pills on the market now.
There are a number of penis enlargement pills being offered on the market today, and most of them are completely herbal with no doctor's prescription needed to get them. You don't need to stand in line at any drug store and face the possible embarrassment of dealing with a pharmacy technician filling your prescription. In fact, it's standard practice to order your pills through a web site dedicated to giving their customers complete privacy; letting you order from the convenience of your home and have your pills shipped directly to your door in a plain, unassuming package with no one around being the wiser.

Protect Yourself From Scams

One of the biggest problems facing someone looking to order penis enlargement pills is the numerous scam sites that wait for the insecure to stumble across them. So far that best way to avoid falling prey to a scam site is to do your research. Check to see if the site offering their penis enlargement pill is secure, and see what information they offer about their pills.

Does the site offer a guarantee at all, or will you be stuck with what you buy whether the pills work or not? Check to see if the site has any indication of how long they've been around. When in doubt, shop around. It never hurts to check more than one place when looking to buy something, especially when what you're looking to buy affects an important area of your life. Find the wrong product and you're liable to disappoint not only yourself but your lover as well, so be sure to get all the information you can about the penis enlargement pill that you're interested in buying xtrasize.

How Does These Work?

As mentioned earlier, most penis enlargement pills available on the market are almost completely herbal, relying on natural remedies for a safer and more effective enhancement. There are a number of herbs out there that are used in natural medicine and any successful, honest site selling enlargement pills will list off the ingredients used in their penile development pills.

Some of the more common herbs found in a penis enlargement pill are maca, muira puama, tribulus, and ginseng. Used separately these herbs have beneficial effects outside of sexual enhancement, but combined they work together to focus primarily on enhancing the sex drive and promoting the growth and expansion of the blood vessels in the penis. Over time this effect becomes permanent, so most pill companies will tell you that after you achieve the length and girth you desire, up to a maximum amount of growth, you can stop taking their penis enlargement pill and retain your new size permanently.
nanoscale cameras and listening devices as plentiful and as difficult to remove as common, everyday dust. Papaya contains arginine, which boosts blood flow to the penis (link: http://mensreport.it/xtrasize.html). As bio-psycho-social unit, we are continuously interacting and looking for a balance that in ideal conditions is the health in its ampler direction. Their roots trace back 90 years, when they started the Elmhurst Dairy, which is still family-owned and operated. The most powerful trigger foods are generally high in fat, and should be avoided or limited to small quantities.

This will indicate to the employer that you understand that your job will involve hard work. The stylistic interior choices developed by Ferrari Centro Stile reflect a functional, ergonomic cockpit design. ERP or enterprise resource planning is a composition of versatile software modules helping business owners to track their business performances. Some of these genetic tests are to find out how your body reacts to various dosages of drugs or even foods and skin products. For example, a spice like turmeric and a drink like green tea have been shown to be helpful in reducing inflammation, the kind of inflammation which has been implicated in Alzheimer's.

Given the Fast Oxidizers genetic tendency to be acidic, these foods are exactly the wrong ones to eat. we should not say that we don't have enough time because we do have 24 hours a day. A mesothelioma lawyer will affect the future of those via compensation. Organic ingredients are also used for making frozen food items. It is called that because doctors have a hard time diagnosing it.

It serves as an excellent entry point for those who are just getting started, yet also accommodates genealogists who have been working with data on a personal computer for years. You can take control of this issue by following a balanced diet. The stately chestnut tree has a life expectancy of about 500 years and may grow up to a 100 feet in height. It can be used in smoothies, baking, pilaf and much more. You can choose the right skeleton model as per your requirement from this site, as the website has a huge collection of budget quality skeletons that are made in China.

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The best way is to relegate meat to a minor part of your meals instead of making it the centerpiece of your diet. Dont forget to trim off fat and skin from poultry and meats. When dining out, choose fish dishes, meatless pasta or a smaller portion of meat.
Watch your snacks
Choose snacks that are low in fats. Eating homemade popcorn, dried fruits or fresh fruits instead of high-fat foods like potato chips and candy bars will help you manage your cholesterol problem in a better way.
Learn about good drugs that can help:
Patients, whose blood fats can not be controlled by diet alone, can use Tricor. This drug contains Fenofibrate that works by increasing some enzymes that break down fats in the blood. The initial recommended dose of Tricor is 145 mg, once daily. However, patients should consult a physician and learn about the modifications in this dose required for them depending on their cholesterol levels.
Minimize use of saturated fats in cooking
You should use liquid cooking oils rather than margarine or butter. Using nonstick pans ensures less oil is needed for cooking (link: http://mensreport.it/xtrasize.html). Steam, bake, roast or stew your food instead of frying.
Avoid coconut and palm oils
Most vegetable oils contain unsaturated fatty acids; coconut and palm oils being the two that contain the most of them. Experts advise to use canola, sunflower, corn, olive and peanut oils instead.
Include complex carbohydrates and fiber in your diet
Emphasize foods that are rich in complex carbohydratessuch as whole-grain products, fruits and legumes. Eat foods having water-soluble fiber, such as that found in fruits and oat bran. This form of fiber helps lower your blood cholesterol level significantly.
Besides your food habits and lifestyle, genes and gender also play a major role in determining your
cholesterol level. Though you can not fight your genes and gender, you can definitely change your food habits and lifestyle together with the use of Tricor for lowering your cholesterol.

Good Cholesterol Naturally

Today after nine decades the company has footprints across 180 countries with R&D and manufacturing facilities spread across Asia and other continents. The company has entered the record books for treating maximum number of patients online.

Hashmi has been offering treatment for various diseases ranging from general weakness products to increase size products. Its general weakness treatment product Chyawanprash has been created from a combination of over 50 herbs and ingredients. It treats problem related to general weakness such as fatigue, body pain and tiredness in a natural manner without causing any kind of side effects (from: http://mensreport.it/xtrasize.html).

Unani system of medicine has made big inroads as it is completely natural and does not cause any kind of side effects. Hashmi Vetoll-XL is a natural weight gain medicine which is manufactured using finest organic Himalayan herbs. It increases muscle mass of the body in a gradual manner and increases inner strength. It helps in building an attractive personality and is available with free shipping and money back guarantee.

One of the most popular therapies of Hashmi is the male and women enhancement treatment which has enabled partners to live a life of confidence and self respect and without any kind of guilt. It has enabled millions of patients to strengthen their relationship.

Hashmi Sikander-e-azam for men is the most popular and fastest selling dysfunction problem treatment product available. It is a patented product which has been created using a combination of potent herbs and ingredients. It is fast acting with guaranteed results and no side effects.

Besides Unani medicines, Hashmi has also launched a range of beauty and cosmetic products. All its cosmetics have been created from natural ingredients and are aimed primarily at women. The company also has plans of moving in other segments by 2020.

Hashmi plans to enter US and European markets with an aim of becoming an international corporate entity. The company realizes its corporate social responsibility and it has been running various trusts and foundations for serving the needy and poor.

It offers treatment for conditions ranging from common cold to cancer. The company has received ISO, GMP and Kosher certifications. Besides phone consultation it has started offering online medical consultations to its patients worldwide. For this purpose it has recruited several trained Unani doctors who will be providing free consultation to patients. In order to service the needy patients, the company is offering free shipping for patients worldwide.

Hashmi spends millions of dollars each year in carrying out extensive research at its state of the art R&D facility for creating new formulations for fighting modern diseases. It has several manufacturing facilities across India where all its medicines and cosmetics are manufactured under stringent quality controls.

Hashmi aims at treating 1 in 3 patients worldwide by 2020. It also plans at opening offices, R&D facility and manufacturing units across US and European countries for maximizing its presence in Western world.

Hashmi has ambitious plans of replacing allopathic system of medicine with Unani in days to come as it is completely natural and safe to use without any kind of side effects.

Male enhancement treatment,
Women enhancement treatment
Natural weakness products
General weakness treatment
Dysfunction problem treatment

Curved, Bent Penis Causes

There are five common causes of a curved, bent penis. ,most of which, can be treated with proper and adequate penis care. These are as follows:

Hypospadias Typically a congenital defect, Hypospadias occurs when the opening of the urethra, or urinary tract, is not placed in the correct position. This can cause a curved, bent penis, especially as the male ages and the penis grows.

Penis Fracture/ Injury the most common cause of a penis curve, bend occurs when the tissue of the penis ruptures. This usually happens when the penis is erect during sexual intercourse or masturbation.

Peyronies Disease A condition that may occur in as many as 10% of men, Pyronies Disease predominately affects men who experience a rupture or tear of penis connective tissue and results in the formation of fibrous tissue that can pull or bend an erect penis.

Urethral Stricture This is a narrowing of the urethra of the penis. The urethra is the tube where urine passes from the body and where seminal fluid, in men, is ejaculated from.

Curved, Bent Penis Symptoms

Hypospadias A downward curve, bent penis when erect, is the most common, however the penis may also spray when urinating, or the foreskin may be ill formed and resemble a hood. In addition the sufferer may also prefer to be seated when urinating.

Penis Fracture/ Injury A popping sound may be heard and the penis will become painful. A noticeable penis curve, bend may also appear.

Peyronies Disease The penis can become inflamed, and a lump may appear on the surface of the skin. There will also be an obvious (extreme) curve, bend in the penis, and erections may be painful.

Urethral Stricture Urination and ejaculation may be painful, and urine may spray when visiting the toilet. In addition, a burning sensation or pain may be felt when urinating and there may be a need to urinate frequently, with a minimal amount of urine being passed xtrasize. This condition may also result in a penis curve, bend becoming an issue.

Curved Bent Penis Treatment

Abstain from all sexual activity including masturbation, until diagnoses of the condition has been made. Otherwise, considerable damage to the penis could be done, which may result in an increase in scar tissue and reduced sexual function.

Hypospadias If uncircumcised, the bent, curved penis will have the foreskin removed, and then, if needed, surgery to correct the misaligned opening of the urethra will take place.

Penis Fracture/ Injury Surgery is needed to repair the damage to the penis, otherwise it is highly likely that scar tissue will form in the area and may cause further penis bending.

Peyronies Disease In some instances, Peyronies Disease will rectify itself without any medical intervention. Other forms of treatment may include ultrasound, corticosteroid injections, grafts, surgery, and penile implants.

Urethral Stricture After a medical consultation, antibiotics may be prescribed to alleviate any infection and inflammation. If the Urethral Stricture continues to be a problem, then surgery may be needed to enlarge the urethral passage.

In any cases, the initial form of pevention that should be considered is the use of a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil), daily. These products contain essential vitamins and minerals that care for and maintain the health of the penis, moisturize and protect the penis and aids in healing.

Please Note - if symptoms persist please seek medical advice.
What is Acidosis, anyway? Acidosis is an excess of acid in the blood and bodily fluids. There are several causes of this excess acid in the body. Acidosis can occur in people with breathing problems. Decreased breathing can cause a carbon dioxide buildup in the body, which can result in Acidosis.

Acid buildup in the body can also result from the type of diet you eat. Certain foods that contain sugar, unhealthy fats, and carbohydrates can turn to acid when they are digested. Many Americans eat an abundance of these types of food, which puts them at risk for Acidosis.

What are the dangers of Acidosis? If untreated, Acidosis can be dangerous and even fatal. It's important to recognize the symptoms and get help if you suspect Acidosis. Those who suffer from Acidosis can experience impaired breathing, stupor, shock, coma, and even death. These are the most severe consequences of Acidosis, but they can happen xtra size.

One way to prevent Acidosis from harming you is to recognize the symptoms and seek treatment if needed. Most forms of Acidosis respond well to treatment, so knowing the symptoms is a key to overcoming Acidosis.

Some of the potential symptoms of Acidosis include nausea and vomiting. Fatigue and weakness can also be present. Headaches and drowsiness can also be symptoms. If you notice any of these symptoms, you may wish to contact your healthcare provider to learn more about your condition and to find out if you have Acidosis.

The best way to ensure that you don't suffer from the effects of Acidosis is to keep your body free of the toxins that cause Acidosis in the first place. Changing your diet and removing the harmful foods and drinks from your daily menu can make a big difference. You may also wish to try one of the many body cleanses that removes the buildup of certain toxins from your body.

The body also does better with exercise and physical movement. This helps flush out toxins from the body. Sweating, either through exercise or using a sauna, can also be a way to rid the body of toxins.

Many people have found that using a water ionizer helps as well. A water ionizer changes acidic water into an alkaline, which helps keep the body from developing Acidosis.

If you take preventative measures and keep harmful toxins from your body, as well as know the symptoms of Acidosis should they occur, you will be well prepared to keep Acidosis from harming you. Acidosis is potentially fatal, so knowing the symptoms and eating and drinking healthy things will go a long way to keeping you healthy and prolonging your life.

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