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Find yourself someone who has a red-blooded American muscle car. Something with a big block (C.I.D. of 426, 427, 428, 429, 454, or 455) in it; something from the late 60s or early 70s. Pop open the hood and have the owner rev the hell out of the engine while you watch the engine and the car, too. What will you notice?

The engine will twist and rise, only to be held back by the motor mounts. The car itself will also twist and rise from this powerful force xtra size. The engine will appear to be a wild beast that is screaming to break free.

That's torque.

You can use torque to your advantage with penis enlargement, especially during jelqing. Jelqing is simply the act of milking more blood into the penis to encourage the cavities to hold more blood. When the cavities can contain more blood, the penis will get larger when an erection is created.

Part of the process of jelqing has to do with re-educating and stressing the outer covering of the tissues that house this blood. That's the whole idea. By utilizing these "milking" methods you strain these tissues and encourage them to respond to your increased blood volume by expanding.

In normal jelqing, men perform simple exercises that typically go from the base of the penis to the end of the penis. This is simply a linear stress on the capsular-penile tissues.

However, what happens when you apply torque to the process? You stress the tissues, in not only a vertical pattern, but a horizontal pattern, too. This takes your two linear forces and creates a cross-hatched diagonal stress. This means that you are applying a force that targets more tissue (to be enlarged) and will yield increased gains in size. Much more than if you just applied a simple linear force.

So, how does one apply torque when jelqing? Simple. Just twist the penis while you perform your jelqing exercises. Both clockwise and counter-clockwise. Trust me, this little trick works wonders. Of course, always check with your doctor before doing such exercises.


Georg von Neumann

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