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Data concerning these questions have been presented over the years with out any conclusive evidence that the size of a man's penis really matters to women in the amount of satisfaction they receives during intercourse. We can look at the statistic of the size of the average penis when erect to be 5.5- 6.3 inches in length and 12-13 cm in girth. Anything below that is small and anything above is considered large xtrasize. These are only numbers and what can they really tell us about how much pleasure a women receives during intercourse?

In a recent survey 70% of women admitted that they've faked organisms during sex, rather than telling their partner the truth. That brings up the question of whether it was just easier to fake it, than to tell these men that their performance was subpar regardless to the reason. If the statistic is valid then I'm sure that the 70% of women surveyed husband's penis size were right there in the bell curve of small, medium and large. Incidentally 40% of married women admitted to having an affair as oppose to 65% of men. How can a man tell if he's doing an adequate job in the bedroom with all this deception going on?

After reading the fake organism survey, I began wondering about techniques and how significant a role it plays in sexual satisfaction. Maybe these couples had fallen into a routine of stale love making or just plain boredom. The survey didn't answer the question of how much foreplay was involved or what mutual orgasm techniques if any were used. It's unclear to what part techniques or the lack of played in the survey.

We haven't examined the topic of G- Spot Stimulation and cunnilingus as a precursor to female sexual satisfaction. Some women can't achieve orgasm through sexual intercourse alone. There are some men with large penises and ample staying power who still can't get their partner to have an orgasm; therefore, the right stimulation of the clitoris is essential to bring about climax. It is important to remember that choice of sexual position and consideration of ones limitation is also a key factor in good and healthy sex!

There are many claims by manufactures who sell enhancement pills, penis enlargement extenders, patches, volume enhancers, growth hormone boosters, etc. to millions of men who are looking to gain an unfair advantage over their competitors. Some of these ads claim that men can add as much as one to three inches in length by using one or more of their products. My question is after all we have discovered concerning penis size and female satisfaction, is penis enlargement necessary? The old saying that "Real Men Know That Size Matters And So Do Women" is still around. At this point I can't give a definitive yes or no, but I can say that men have to decide on an individual bases what's best for them!

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