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Today after nine decades the company has footprints across 180 countries with R&D and manufacturing facilities spread across Asia and other continents. The company has entered the record books for treating maximum number of patients online.

Hashmi has been offering treatment for various diseases ranging from general weakness products to increase size products. Its general weakness treatment product Chyawanprash has been created from a combination of over 50 herbs and ingredients. It treats problem related to general weakness such as fatigue, body pain and tiredness in a natural manner without causing any kind of side effects (from: http://mensreport.it/xtrasize.html).

Unani system of medicine has made big inroads as it is completely natural and does not cause any kind of side effects. Hashmi Vetoll-XL is a natural weight gain medicine which is manufactured using finest organic Himalayan herbs. It increases muscle mass of the body in a gradual manner and increases inner strength. It helps in building an attractive personality and is available with free shipping and money back guarantee.

One of the most popular therapies of Hashmi is the male and women enhancement treatment which has enabled partners to live a life of confidence and self respect and without any kind of guilt. It has enabled millions of patients to strengthen their relationship.

Hashmi Sikander-e-azam for men is the most popular and fastest selling dysfunction problem treatment product available. It is a patented product which has been created using a combination of potent herbs and ingredients. It is fast acting with guaranteed results and no side effects.

Besides Unani medicines, Hashmi has also launched a range of beauty and cosmetic products. All its cosmetics have been created from natural ingredients and are aimed primarily at women. The company also has plans of moving in other segments by 2020.

Hashmi plans to enter US and European markets with an aim of becoming an international corporate entity. The company realizes its corporate social responsibility and it has been running various trusts and foundations for serving the needy and poor.

It offers treatment for conditions ranging from common cold to cancer. The company has received ISO, GMP and Kosher certifications. Besides phone consultation it has started offering online medical consultations to its patients worldwide. For this purpose it has recruited several trained Unani doctors who will be providing free consultation to patients. In order to service the needy patients, the company is offering free shipping for patients worldwide.

Hashmi spends millions of dollars each year in carrying out extensive research at its state of the art R&D facility for creating new formulations for fighting modern diseases. It has several manufacturing facilities across India where all its medicines and cosmetics are manufactured under stringent quality controls.

Hashmi aims at treating 1 in 3 patients worldwide by 2020. It also plans at opening offices, R&D facility and manufacturing units across US and European countries for maximizing its presence in Western world.

Hashmi has ambitious plans of replacing allopathic system of medicine with Unani in days to come as it is completely natural and safe to use without any kind of side effects.

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