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The best way is to relegate meat to a minor part of your meals instead of making it the centerpiece of your diet. Dont forget to trim off fat and skin from poultry and meats. When dining out, choose fish dishes, meatless pasta or a smaller portion of meat.
Watch your snacks
Choose snacks that are low in fats. Eating homemade popcorn, dried fruits or fresh fruits instead of high-fat foods like potato chips and candy bars will help you manage your cholesterol problem in a better way.
Learn about good drugs that can help:
Patients, whose blood fats can not be controlled by diet alone, can use Tricor. This drug contains Fenofibrate that works by increasing some enzymes that break down fats in the blood. The initial recommended dose of Tricor is 145 mg, once daily. However, patients should consult a physician and learn about the modifications in this dose required for them depending on their cholesterol levels.
Minimize use of saturated fats in cooking
You should use liquid cooking oils rather than margarine or butter. Using nonstick pans ensures less oil is needed for cooking (link: http://mensreport.it/xtrasize.html). Steam, bake, roast or stew your food instead of frying.
Avoid coconut and palm oils
Most vegetable oils contain unsaturated fatty acids; coconut and palm oils being the two that contain the most of them. Experts advise to use canola, sunflower, corn, olive and peanut oils instead.
Include complex carbohydrates and fiber in your diet
Emphasize foods that are rich in complex carbohydratessuch as whole-grain products, fruits and legumes. Eat foods having water-soluble fiber, such as that found in fruits and oat bran. This form of fiber helps lower your blood cholesterol level significantly.
Besides your food habits and lifestyle, genes and gender also play a major role in determining your
cholesterol level. Though you can not fight your genes and gender, you can definitely change your food habits and lifestyle together with the use of Tricor for lowering your cholesterol.

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