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The Basics

You should start by living a healthier lifestyle. If you smoke, quit. If you are sedentary, start exercising 2 to 3 times each week. If you eat a lot of fatty and junk food, start eating more healthy fruits and vegetables. Some of the bad habits you have can lead to vasoconstriction wherein not enough blood is supplied to your penis, thereby giving your penis a flaccid appearance and you, failing to look manly enough. You have to keep your body strong, fit and healthy and start reaping the benefits of a bigger and harder penis xtra size.

Exercising the Penis

Begin performing exercises for the penis, like milking and other stimulation exercises. Providing enough traction to the part will force it to create more cells, thereby leading to expansion and added size and girth. Milking is done by holding the penis with your thumb and forefinger. The two fingers should form an "O". Start pulling the penis back and up. Take two seconds to pull it back and another two seconds to pull it up. You should feel the stretching during the activity. Continue the activity for a good 10 minutes before resting.

Taking Herbs

There are several herbal supplements now that you can take with your daily meals to give your penis a bigger appearance. These herbal supplements are all-natural so you do not have to worry about possible side effects and other complications. Some of the contents of the herbal medications may be green tea, goat weed and other special concoctions. These ingredients will help deliver more blood into the penis, thereby filling the corpus cavernosum. You will then get harder erections and a thicker and longer penis.

Use of Other Tools

You can rely on a number of tools that will provide pressure to your penis, triggering it to grow bigger in size after some time. Some of the best products to increase penis size naturally include weights and the penis vacuum pump. These will produce pressure to stimulate the penis to make more cells, thereby giving you added inches to both length and girth. Tools are also very effective if you want to achieve results for the long term. Search the internet for available products and compare the prices.

You should visit online discussion boards and online forums. Talk to other experts in the area, as well as other individuals who have tried the product themselves. You can gauge the effectiveness and quality of a product by getting feedback. Let previous customers give you both the pros and cons of buying the item you are eyeing on.

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