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Through ages, men have been at penis enlargement and have devised certain methods for achieving increment in penis size. These methods include

Vacuum Pumps
Hanging Weights
Traction Devices
Pills and Supplements

Weights are perhaps very old in terms of their inception. It is largely believed that Ancient Egyptians started this practice. Though it helps in increasing penis ;length, you tend to lose girth and your penis gets really thin. Moreover, it can cause tissue damage which retards blood flow to the penis and hence leads to erectile dysfunction.

Same is the case with vacuum pumps which can cause severe damage to the erectile tissue. men who use pumps report that after some time it becomes difficult to get erections without using the pump.

Surgery , on the other hand is extremely expensive, risky and painful. Besides it was never proven to yield satisfactory and permanent penis enlargement. No man in complete sanity would spend $4000+ only to be left with a scarred penis and a lifetime of regrets.

This leaves only 3 methods that can be used to enhance penis. Penis exercises or Jelqs are a proven to be the method of male enhancement that works. Started by men in Ancient Arab, this method is highly popular among men trying to add size to their penis. It is widely believed that young men in Arab were taught to perform these exercises to add inches to their penises and increasing their staying power in order to please their wives.

This method forms the basis of penis traction devices as well that perform power jelqs on your penis once you put it on by exerting pressure on it through traction. . All you are doing is just replacing your hand with the device.

Moreover, you can use natural penis enhancement pills to increase blood flow to your genitals to get stronger and firmer erections. Combining any 2 or 3 of these resources(exercises, traction devices and pills) can speed up the process of male enhancement with dramatic results (read more: http://mensreport.it/xtrasize.html). One such product is Prosolution Pills System.

The mantra of the day is to get access to one of the best programs and male enhancement method that works rather than suffer in silence. Review the award winning Penis Enhancement System here.

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