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Some have turned to devices such as pumps while others have turned to medicines such as pills (more at: http://mensreport.it). The truth is, these medicines and devices have not been proven to work and some of them will even do more damage than good.

The best option for any man trying to make his penis bigger is to use special exercises. These special exercises are completely safe and have been proven to work by medical experts. Below you will find a few tips on the best male enhancement exercises that will allow you to increase your penis size each day and achieve massive results in record time.

3 Tips To Make Penis Bigger

1. Jelqing: Jelqing is a technique which works by increasing the size of your corpora covernosa. The corpora covernosa is responsible for making your penis erect. Jelqing requires that you massage your penis in such a way that it increases the size of your corpora covernosa permanently.

2. Stretching: The stretching exercise technique is made to stretch the ligaments and cells within your penis gradually over time. When these specific ligaments and cells are stretched out they will make your penis larger and longer.

3. Kegals: Kegals are made especially to prevent premature ejaculation but this technique can also help improve your penis size. There are certain muscles in your pubic area which you have to flex in order to perform the Kegals exercise technique properly. You should aim to do this exercise 10 minutes each day for the best results.

You can easily have the penis you desire using these natural techniques. Don't settle for penis enlargement products that have more side effects than results.

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