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It is believed that anxiety, excessive or insufficient arousal or muscular tension are factors to early ejaculation. As such, you need to address each of them if you want to prevent premature ejaculation. You may start off with some of the premature ejaculation remedy below which does not require you using your penis.

First - manage your level of anxiety

You need to learn to calm yourself down and stop worrying about your bed performance. Quite normally, men with lesser sexual activity tend to easily get excited and aroused causing performance anxiety during sex. This performance anxiety would lead to an early ejaculation.

There are various ways to reduce anxiety. Among others, you can meditate, undergo hypnosis and imagination exercise to help reducing your level of anxiety. Repeated imagination of positive sexual scenarios and your reaction during sex can help to keep your anxiety level under control (check out: http://mensreport.it). It would also enable you to anticipate or mentally plan for your reaction during sex and not to reach the point of no return too easily.

Sharing and speaking out your premature ejaculation problem and anxiety is also a good premature ejaculation remedy. Yes, this is a delicate issue and most men would prefer to just keep it to themselves. But that would not help in curing your problem. Instead, talking with your partner/spouse, friend or therapist opens the door for anxiety relief and can help address and alleviate some of your fears in relation to early ejaculation.

Second - manage your muscles tension

Orgasm is muscular contractions that release muscular tension. So, to address early ejaculation, it is highly recommendable for you to work on your muscle tension levels. You can decrease the tension in your pelvic and abdominal regions outside the bedroom by participating in activities like yoga, stretching, anxiety reduction skills, and exercise. With lower tension level in your pelvic, the chances of you reaching orgasm during sex would be lowered.

Another premature ejaculation remedy which you can try out is by asking your partner to give you a full body massage before or when you are not having sex. This is for you to experience the performance anxiety and tension that you feel as she touches different part of your body - your face, your stomach, your thighs, your buttocks etc. This is not so much on sexual stimulation but rather it is about managing the discomfort you may feel about your body being touched and exposed. Men who are confident with their body and comfortable with being touched would usually have lower sexual anxiety and early ejaculation problem.

Another very important and popular technique to prevent premature ejaculation is by carrying out Kegel exercises. If you have not tried them, stop waiting. They are simple to do and can give everlasting effect. This is one of the best methods to strengthen your pelvic region and to create strong pubococcygeus muscles. Every success requires commitment and sacrifices. If you expect greatness in sex, then set aside some time every day to practice this premature ejaculation remedy until you get it right.

The above are some premature ejaculation remedy without needing to use your penis or spending a fortune. What they need are mere persistence and perseverance to enjoy the result.

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